Samantha Keely Smith is a painter working and living in New York.
Her art represents a striving to reconcile the inner world of instinct and the tidal sweep of our emotional life, with an external world that is both beautiful and
hostile in its natural grandeur.

Samantha Keely Smith's paintings are landscapes that play at the edge of abstraction, blurring between light-filled fields and non-objective compositions. Light suffuses the works through soft clouds of brushstrokes, while canvases like "Salvage" (2010) create contrast with ropey, surreal structures inhabiting the transcendental space.

- Editor's Pick

Samantha Keely Smith's paintings are radiant with pulsating fiery potency. Yet they present a disquieting chilly vision of a world that is no longer welcoming for humans. The New York-based artist's magnificent semi-abstract landscapes keep to a strictly limited palette of predominantly complementary colors. Its compelling contrasts nonetheless create a sense of total harmony which captures our imagination by creating the arresting aura of a world full and fulfilled without the presence of any extraneous life-forms.

- Ana Finel Honigman
Senior London Correspondent/Critic
The Saatchi Gallery Online, 2008

Samantha Keely Smith

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