BEAUTIFUL SAVAGE MAGAZINE, 2018 - Interview with Samantha Keely Smith by Paul Bekavac

”They’re about basic, very basic, human emotions and tendencies, and hopes and fears.”

COLOSSAL, February 2016 - Artist Samantha Keely Smith Explores Powerful Collisions of Dark and Light In Her Abstract Elemental Paintings - by Christopher Jobson

     "Ocean waves crash atop foreboding bodies of water, plumes of fire seem to battle clouds in the sky, and swirling storms shield distant secrets just over the horizon. Smith refers to her paintings as ‘internal landscapes,’ part of an ongoing examination of an externalized inner conflict."


POETS ARTISTS MAGAZINE, November 2015 - Devotion - curated by Daniel Maidman

     "This collection...represents a cross-section of art being made today which excites me and which I love..."


ISO 50 - October 2015 - Artist Update: Samantha Keely Smith - an interview by Tim Navis

     "The images in the paintings are what I call "inner worlds" because they are the result of attempting to translate an internal existence driven by emotion/instinct into something that makes some sense of the reality we live in."


LIAR, Premiere Issue Winter 2015 - The Sea Inside - an Interview by Christine Be

     "strange and terrible...and yet beautiful. I can't really explain where these images come from."


EVIL TENDER - January 2015 - A Brief Look: The Paintings of Samantha Keely Smith - by Chris Jalufka

     "Her focus is on something else, something outside of the real world of office buildings, politics, and the people who move it all about. She's after the unknown."


CONSCIOUS LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE, Winter 2014 - Between Dream & Reality - by Justin Faerman

     "Her paintings conjure an undeniably visceral reaction in the viewer - Smith somehow manages to translate raw emotion into physical form..."


COLOSSAL, April 2014 - Internal Landscapes: Sweeping Abstract Oceans by Samantha Keely Smith - by Christopher Jobson

     "artist Samantha Keely Smith paints abstract oceanic landscapes that are at once menacing and serene, a clash of light and color that she refers to as "internal landscapes" "


MY MODERN MET, April 2014 - Gorgeous Abstract Paintings of Oceanic Internal Landscapes - by Jenny Zhang

     "Smith builds up multiple translucent layers of color, alternating between soft brushstrokes and large, sweeping gestures to evoke crashing waves, surging tides, and stormy floods."


YAHOO! News - Art Pick of the Week - Samantha Keely Smith - April 30, 2014

     "In using wave-like forms to depict the interior world, Smith touches upon associations between psychology, the study of the human psyche, and Poseidon, the ancient Greek god of the sea."


NEVERLAZY MAGAZINE, Autumn 2013 - Samantha Keely Smith - Internal Landscapes

     "Smith paints expressive emotional and psychological landscapes ridden with power, hostility and beauty.  Yet there is also a certain fragility to the abstract scenes she creates, as they appear to evoke unstable, tormented feelings as well as echo the symbolic destruction of the human soul."


INSTALLATION MAGAZINE, Issue 13, Summer 2013 - Dreams of Light - by A. Moret

     "Guided by a stream of imagery derived from memory and dreams, the sprawling landscape paintings of Samantha Keely Smith are illuminated from the inside out.  Painting with oil that is infused with light, she captures a feeling that transcends physicality and psychology and celebrates the journey of discovery and exploration."


The ARTinfo Agenda: 10 Picks for this week - Samantha Keely Smith at Gavin Spanierman Gallery - by Daniel Kunitz

     "landscapes that play at the edge of abstraction, blurring between light-filled fields and non-objective compositions."


Video Interview: Culture Catch - The Dusty Wright Show - August 2011

     Filmed at Samantha's show at Gavin Spanierman Gallery


WHITEWALL MAGAZINE - June 2009 - New Artist: Samantha Keely Smith - by Ana Finel Honigman

     "Seen in the flesh, her canvases are enriched by the tactile information she creates through juxtaposed brushwork styles. Sections of her paintings have the light, creamy quality of Fragonard's fluffy clouds, and other areas have an atmospheric intensity akin to that of Frederic Edwin Church's "Twilight" landscapes."